Meet Our Team

Marla Messing
Phone: (310) 208-3839
Linda Milan
Phone: (310) 208-3838 x225
Florence Nakao
Phone: (310) 208-3838 x226
Evan Smith
Asst. Director of Community Tennis & Manager of NJTL & Diversity & Inclusion
Phone: (310) 208-3838 x251
Darryl Nash
Communications Coordinator
Phone: (310) 208-3838 x231
Marjorie Levin
Office Administrator
Phone: (310) 208-3838 x229
Loren Nelson
Digital Communications, Media, & Websites
Phone: (310) 208-3838
Madeline Segura
Assistant Director, Adult and Senior Tennis
Adult Tennis
Phone: (310) 208-3838 x234
Ali Ordonez
Coordinator, USTA Adult Leagues
Adult Tennis
Phone: (310) 208-3838 x223
Maria Goldberg
Coordinator, Adult Tennis
Adult Tennis
Phone: 310-209-5913
Mary Gastro
Coordinator, Adult Competition
Adult Tennis
Phone: (310) 208-3838 x235
Melanie Bischoff
Director, Community Development
Community Development
Phone: (310) 208-3838 x239
Karen Ronney
Tennis Service Representative San Diego/Imperial Counties
Community Development
Phone: (619) 644-1166
Tiffany Mai
Tennis Service Representative Long Beach/South Bay
Community Development
Phone: (310) 208-3838 x260
Aisling Bowyer
Tennis Service Representative Los Angeles County
Community Development
Phone: (310) 208-3838 x227
Tony Chatfield
Tennis Service Representative Inland Empire
Community Development
Phone: (310) 208-3838 x263
Donald Wong
Tennis Service Representative San Gabriel Valley
Community Development
Phone: (310) 208-3838 x258
D'Wayne Begay
Tennis Service Representative Coachella Valley
Community Development
Phone: (310) 208-3838 x365
Gina Havelka
Tennis Service Representative Central Coast
Community Development
Phone: (818) 585-0127
Nancy Abrams
Area Director; TGA Premier Youth Tennis
Community Development
Phone: 310-209-5910
Kevin Finkelberg
TGA Premier Youth Tennis Coaching & Programming Coordinator
Community Development
Phone: (310) 208-3838 x253
Trevor Kronemann
Director, Junior Tennis
Junior Tennis
Phone: (310) 208-3838 x222
Ai Takamori
Assistant Director of Junior Tennis
Junior Tennis
Phone: (310) 208-3838 x232
Jackie Owens
Coordinator, Junior Tennis
Junior Tennis
Phone: (310) 208-3838 x222
Megan Broccolo
Coordinator, Red Orange Green Ball
Junior Tennis
Phone: ( 310) 208-3838 x255
Martha Katsufrakis
Coordinator, Junior Tournaments
Junior Tennis
Phone: (310) 208-3838 x238